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About Our Clubs

About Our Clubs

Nationwide, there are regional youth clubs that are officially recognized representatives of the Appaloosa Horse Club. These are groups of people who get together for the common purpose of riding and being involved with Appaloosa horses. Whether your interests lay in cattle events, cutting, reining, jumping, trail riding, pleasure events, showing, or riding in parades, there is a regional club near you that can assist you in becoming involved. Contact the AYA Youth Coordinator (youth@appaloosa.com) for more information about a club close to you!

The purpose of forming a youth club is to better educate youth and to create a stronger connection between youth and their Appaloosa horses. Goals of each youth club include:

  • Assisting the youth in promoting the Appaloosa breed through their own horsemanship enjoyment and various provided educational experiences.
  • Offering a variety of social functions through which youth may meet new peers and create friendships in a wholesome atmosphere.
  • Giving many opportunities to develop the capabilities of leadership training, self confidence and preparation for their future.
  • Building a sense of community service through charitable acts for those that are less fortunate.

The regional youth clubs hold the most important link between the Appaloosa Youth Association, ApHC and the individual youth interested in Appaloosa horses.

Requirements For Approval
By approval of the Board of Directors of the Appaloosa Horse Club, at their semi-annual meeting in Baton Rouge, LA on July 6-7, 1969, the following directive was given regarding Youth Clubs: "The Board agreed that pre-requisite for Youth Club approval would be affiliation with an approved Regional Club." Therefore, in order for a youth club to be recognized by the ApHC it must first be affiliated with a parent club that is an affiliate of the Appaloosa Horse Club. The ApHC will automatically recognize any youth club that meets this requirement.

Organizing A Youth Club
An important checklist for organizing a youth club is as follows:

  1. Establish club name
  2. Determine qualifications for membership
  3. Elect officers and directors
  4. Determine meeting times, dates and locations
  5. Assign responsibility of publicity and reporting
  6. Write by-laws and/or articles incorporation
  7. Establish annual dues
  8. Determine yearly projects
  9. Acquire an adult advisor from a regional club
  10. Comprise and distribute a questionnaire survey—this should be used to fully understand the needs and wishes of the youth and will help set goals

Yearly Programs Or Projects
The projects for the year should come under these five categories:

  1. Educational and promotional
  2. Civic or community service
  3. Social
  4. Fund raising
  5. Recognition

The following is a partial list of suggested activities for a Youth Club. Obviously all groups will not be fulfilled by the some program. These and other various ideas can be modified or combined to meet the needs of a particular group.

Education & Promotion

  • Design, build and/or operate Appaloosa information booth
  • Work as arena and concession help at Appaloosa shows
  • Sponsor clinics and/or seminars
  • Ride in parades as a club
  • Conduct field trips of educational interest
  • Incorporate various youth contests (judging, hippology, art, essay, speech, and photo etc.)
  • Sponsor a parent and or parent/youth class at a show (example: Mom and Dad leadline)
  • Tour various horse facilities
  • Develop a program of horse safety awareness

Civic or Community Service

  • Food for needy family
  • Trail improvement project
  • Work with mentally or physically challenged children
  • Sponsor a tree planting project for communities or schools

Social One-day or overnight trail rides

  • Potluck suppers
  • Fun day horse show consisting of unusual types of activities on horseback for all ages
  • Dances and parties
  • Bonfire
  • Ice cream social
  • Hay ride
  • Sleigh ride or sledding party
  • Pizza party, Barbecue, etc.

Fund Raising

  • Tack swap
  • White elephant auction
  • Car wash
  • Bake sale
  • Manufacturing of horse equipment (haynets, chaps, lead ropes, stall signs, etc.)
  • Operate a horse wash at horse shows
  • Stallion service auction
  • Raffles, many types available whether an item be raffled or a 50/50 raffle
  • Shine 'em day (shine boots, horses or trucks or trailers)

Annual Awards
Awards and recognition are an important phase of any Youth Club. The club members can determine their own point system or method of determining the award criteria. Specific guidelines should be issued to all members in writing prior to the year commencing. Suggested Annual Awards include

  • Sportsmanship
  • Open horse show class placings accumulation
  • ApHC horse show class placings accumulation
  • Parent award (given to a deserving mother of father)
  • Sponsor award
  • Novice or rookie

Publicity, Reporting and Newsletters
One of the most important jobs in a growing organization is the reporter or publicity chairman. His/her job is to get all available news to the various media; radio, newspapers, ApHC, newsletters, etc. This is a very necessary and rewarding way of promoting both the club and the Appaloosa breed.

Adult Advisor, Youth Chairman
It is advisable for each Youth Club to have an adult or adults from the regional affiliate club to serve in the capacity of adult advisor. The duties or responsibilities of this person are to serve as a counselor for the officers of the Youth Club and as an official representative to the regional club. The duties of the advisor vary from club to club, but below is a summary:

  1. Oversee activities of the youth club.
  2. Advise on matters in an unbiased, impartial and positive manner. Whenever reference is made of the parent regional club or the ApHC, it is imperative this be done in a supportive manner.
  3. Work with other groups or areas (FFA, open shows, 4-H, etc.) to increase the popularity of the Appaloosa and make them aware of your youth group, the Appaloosa Youth Association and the programs available from the ApHC.

Make certain you are listed on your regional club's annual report as youth advisor so you receive youth information from the ApHC. You should be familiar with all ApHC youth programs and activities which take place at the World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show in July.

You may even nominate your regional youth club to be Regional Youth Club of the Year by scrapbooking all activities and memories throughout the year. Please see the Recognition & Awards section for more information.