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Appaloosa Trivia

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  1. What state has declared the Appaloosa its official state horse?
    A: Idaho. On March 25, 1975 Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus signed a bill naming the Appaloosa as the state horse.

  2. Who starred in the movie The Appaloosa?
    A: Marlon Brando starred as Matt Fletcher in this class film from 1966

  3. What mystery writer wrote a book entitled Appaloosa?
    A: Robert B. Parker, most famous for his Spenser novels, wrote this western in 2005.

  4. What are the four characteristics of an Appaloosa?
    A: A spotted coat, mottled skin, striped hooves, and white sclera (which makes Appaloosa eyes look very human).

  5. Can an Appaloosa be an Appaloosa if it has none of the four characteristics listed above?
    A: Yes. If both parents are Appaloosas!

  6. What breed was developed in the 1950's by crossing a Shetland stallion and an Appaloosa mare?
    A: POA. Pony of the Americas.

  7. What Native American tribe used selective breeding techniques to develop the Appaloosa?
    A: The Nez Perce

  8. Where did the name Appaloosa get its name?
    A: The name derives from "a palouse," which is a river running through Idaho, which was where the beautiful Appaloosa breed was developed.

  9. Are Appaloosa spots only fur deep?
    A: No. Appaloosa spots extend to the skin (just like with dalmations).

  10. How many colors of coats are recognized by the ApHC?
    A: The ApHC recognizes 13 coat colors!