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Official ApHC Handbook
Note: Please refer to the Handbook for current rules and regulations on all programs.

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The Appaloosa Competitive All-Breed Activities Program was design with the open competitor in mind. If you enjoy competing on your Appaloosa in local competitions such as 4-H shows, open shows, team penning, rodeo, ACAAP is a recognition program for you. Earn points towards year-end awards which will also go on your horse’s permanent record. Contact the ACAAP Coordinator for information and an enrollment form.

ACAAP accepts most types of activities as long as the competition is sponsored by an organization or club that keeps official records on the performance of all horses entered in the event. In order for the ApHC to include your event or competition in ACAAP, the sponsoring organization must have an established governing body and a representative who will sign a verification form.

Note: ACAAP merits cannot be earned at ApHC approved/sponsored events.

Listed below are the categories and a description of the events that have been pre-approved by the ApHC for inclusion in ACAAP. However, if you compete in an event not included in one of these categories, you may request that your event be added by writing to the ApHC Show Department. If approved, however, the event will not be added until the following year.
  • Barrel Racing: Restricted to the cloverleaf pattern. Includes WPRA and NBHA approved events or events sponsored by your local amateur association.
  • Challenged Riders: Includes all classes specifically for challenged riders (exhibition classes will receive participation merits).
  • Combined Training: Includes USCTA-approved events.
  • Cutting: Includes NCHA, ACHA and CCHA-approved events, or events sponsored by your local amateur association.
  • Dressage: Includes USDF and U.S. Equestrian-approved events.
  • Driving: Includes pleasure driving and ADS-approved events.
  • English Equitation: Includes English style equitation, English horsemanship, walk-trot English equitation, and equitation over fences.
  • English Pleasure: Includes bridle path hack, hunter under saddle, English pleasure, walk-trot English pleasure, English style longe line, and hunter go-as-you-please.
  • Games: Includes local, state or national gaming events including pole bending, stakes race, flag picking, speed (straight) barrels, keyhole, ring race, Cowboy Mounted Shooting and other gaming events. Limited to one person events. Team events are not included. (Cloverleaf barrels do not count in the games category.)
  • Halter Classes: Includes halter and in-hand classes except showmanship and in-hand trail.
  • Judged Trail Riding: Includes all non-breed association-sponsored competitions.
  • Over Fences: Includes hunter hack, working hunter, cavaletti, and all variations of jumping except equitation over fences.
  • Reining: Includes snaffle bit, hackamore, open and NRHA-approved events or events sponsored by your local amateur association.
  • Roping: Includes team roping, heading, heeling, calf roping, breakaway roping and all events sanctioned by the PRCA, NHSRA, USTRC, NIRA, NARC, WPRA, INRA or events sponsored by your local amateur association.
  • Showmanship: Includes English and western style showmanship and fitting & showing.
  • Team Penning: Includes all non-breed association-sponsored events.
  • Trail: Includes all non-breed association-sponsored competitions and in-hand trail.
  • Western Equitation: Includes western style equitation, western horsemanship, and walk-trot western equitation.
  • Western Pleasure: Includes all non-breed association-sponsored events, including NSBA-approved events, western style longe line, and walk-trot western pleasure.
  • Western Riding: Includes all non-breed association-sponsored competitions.
  • Working Cow Horse: Includes NRCHA-approved events or events sponsored by your local amateur association.
  • 4-H: Includes all classes strictly for 4-H members.
Programs That Already Exist

You may not have seen your preferred event listed above, but the ApHC currently has award and recognition programs in existence for the following

  • USDF All-Breed Dressage Awards
  • Competitive and Endurance Trail Riding
  • Cutter & Chariot Racing
  • Disabled Riders & Drivers Program
  • Saddle Log (hours spent riding)

The Award System
When you excel in all-breed competition in any ACAAP event, you can earn merits that will be recorded on the performance record of your registered Appaloosa. Awards include:

  • Certificate of Achievement Awarded to a horse with 20 merits earned in any ACAAP category.
  • Certificate of Superior Achievement Awarded when a horse with 60 merits earned in any ACAAP category.
  • Certificate of Lifetime Achievement Awarded when a horse has earned an exceptional number of merits in one ACAAP category, see the Official Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club for the number of merits needed in your event.
  • ACAAP Versatility Champion Award Awarded when a horse has earned 5 Certificates of Superior Achievement in 5 different ACAAP categories.
  • High Point Dressage Awards The ApHC will recognize the highest placing horse each year within the Dressage category competing at 1) Introductory, Training, First and Second Levels; 2) Third and Fourth Levels; 3) FEI Levels.
  • ACAAP Master Award Awarded Annually to the horse earning the most ACAAP merits in each category during the year.

See the Official Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club for specific award details. Monthly standings for each category are included in Appaloosa Journal and on the Appaloosa Horse Club Web site. You don't have to be a member of the ApHC to enroll and compete in ACAAP. However, one owner of the horse must be a current member in order to be eligible to receive awards. Awards are mailed to the first listed owner.

How to Enroll

Click here to enroll online or complete the enrollment form and return it to the ApHC with $35 (members) or $70 (non-members) per horse, payable by check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.

Once enrolled you can print your ACAAP enrollment card and your exhibitor report forms from the ApHC website. The first listed owner's name will appear on the enrollment card. Once you have printed your card, you are eligible to compete and start earning merits. Allow ten (10) days for processing applications.

Report Your Success

When you attend your next competitive all-breed activity, show the world what your Appaloosa can do! When you place in the event, here's what you need to do:

  • Take your exhibitor report form, your ACAAP enrollment card, and a copy of your horse's registration papers to the secretary or manager.
  • Ask the official to inspect your enrollment card and your horse's registration papers to verify your participation on a registered Appaloosa.
  • Ask the official to sign the report form, which tells us how you finished in the event and how many horses you competed against.
  • Return the report to the ApHC within 30 days of the event.

Processing fees for the first ten ACAAP shows/judges is included in the enrollment fee. After the first ten shows/judges please include $2 per show per judge (not $2 per class) with your exhibitor report for merit processing.

You will then be awarded merits based upon your placing and the number of horses you competed against. The formulas used to determine the number of merits earned in each event are available in the Official Handbook of the Appaloosa Horse Club.

Merits will not be awarded for events that take place before you enroll and become eligible to compete.