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Challenged Horsemen & Appaloosa Competition for Independent and Supported Exhibitors (CHAPS) are now ApHC Approved Classes.

The World Championship Appaloosa Youth Show offers supported and independent classes for riders of all disabilities.

Please visit the Appaloosa National Show web page to see what classes will be offered at this years show. Entry forms will be available on the National Show web page prior to the show. Additional information can be found in the show Premium Book or by contacting our Youth Coordinator at: (208) 882-5578 ext. 224 or email: youth@appaloosa.com.

World Championship Appaloosa Show CHAPS Guidelines:

1. Open to male and female participants of all ages.

2. Open to any breed of horse, registered or unregistered.

3. Exhibitors must be current ApHC Members

4. All horses must have a current health certificate (within 30 days of the class) and a current proof of negative Coggins (within 12 months of the class).

5. Judges will be in the arena, however, each participant will be placed first and receive identical awards.

5. Horses that arrive on the grounds the day of the class do not have to be stalled. Horses are not to be tied to any horse trailers. Horses not purchasing a stall may not arrive on the grounds more than 2 ½ hours prior to the class. Horses must be unloaded upon arrival and the horse trailers must be parked in the trailer parking areas.

6. Designated areas should be used for unloading, saddling, and any other preparations prior to the class. Barn calls will be made prior to the class to alert exhibitors to approach the paddock.

7. If horses arrive on the grounds prior to the day of the class, they must be stalled. Daily stalls may be purchased. Stalls for the duration of the show may be purchased. No late fee will be assessed to stalls purchased for horses that will be exhibited in the Challenged Riders’ Leadline class.

8. Exhibitors must report to the show office upon arrival to have their health and Coggins papers checked. Each exhibitor will be given a back number that must be initialed by an ApHC show official showing proof the horse has the necessary health and Coggins papers that allow entry into the class.