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Appaloosa Youth Association novice eligibility will now be calculated by class. You may be eligible to show in any novice class if you have less than 20 points in that group of classes and if you have not won a National or World title in that class. For example: you are eligible to show in novice showmanship if you have less than 20 total combined points in any age group showmanship class and English showmanship class and if you have not won a national or world title in any showmanship class (excluding walk-trot). If you are ineligible for novice showmanship for any reason (such as having earned too many showmanship points), you may still be eligible to show in any other novice youth class if you meet requirements for that class.

Please visit the www.appaloosa.com and click on “Show” and then click on “Verify Your Membership & Novice Eligibility Here”. After that, enter your membership number and click “Submit” for a listing of classes in which you are eligible to show novice. Please print a copy of that list to take to regional shows to prove your novice eligibility.

Novice points will be accrued to the youth’s novice record regardless of whether or not the youth is eligible to earn points as determined by their relationship to the owner of the horse. Once the 20-point total is reached, the youth will no longer be able to show in that novice class at the end of the calendar year. However, these points will not count toward year-end high-point awards or accumulative lifetime awards.

Please refer to the ApHC Web site for complete rules regarding novice youth eligibility. You can access the Official Rule Book of the Appaloosa Horse Club from the main Web site.